Welcome to Clarke Veneers and Plywood

Executive Team


Clarke Veneers and Plywood is an international trading company committed to the efficient distribution of the world’s finest natural renewable resource… wood products. Clarke imports, exports and domestically trades veneer, plywood, panels, lumber and engineered wood products.


Clarke Veneers and Plywood works closely with its domestic and overseas suppliers and customers. The staff travels extensively, which enables Clarke to maintain strong personal relationships and high quality products. Through a dedicated effort to build close relationships with suppliers and customers alike, Clarke Veneers and Plywood continues to grow, evolve, and prosper.


With a dedicated staff ready to serve you, we at Clarke Veneers and Plywood welcome and encourage you to explore our world of products and services. Whether you are a customer or a supplier already, or if you would simply like information, we invite you to contact us and share your thoughts and ideas of how we can best serve you.

Stuart H. Clarke



Bronson E. Newburger

Executive Vice President


Gregg A. Wilkinson

Senior Vice President